Keeping safety a top priority

We're working hard to make sure that everyone stays safe during this pandemic.

Here's what we're doing

We're doing as much as possible to keep everyone safe.

Limiting In Person Meetings
We're limiting the amount of in person meetings between our clients and our employees.
Enforcing Remote Work
We're having all our employees work from home.
Using Video Calling for our meetings
We're having our employees do most of our meetings via Zoom or Google Meet.
Limiting Employee events to Digital only.
We've limited the amount of employee events we host to our digital only events.

Frequently asked COVID-19 related questions

How do you do client meetings as of right now?
Currently we are mainly doing video calls via Google Meet, Zoom, and even Duo. We are also still doing meetings via phone calls as well.
Would it still be possible to do a meeting in person to talk about a project?
Meanwhile it is possible, it is under certain circumstances. This means that we can do in person meetings, but we will still need to keep distance.
How are you managing your servers if you can't get to them in person?
We can still go to our servers in person, however only a limited amount of employees are currently allowed to physically go to the servers. We still need to go to servers to be able to inspect them and make sure that there is no damage from normal use.
Is the office you have in Chicago completely closed?
As of right now, all offices we have had to allow for co-working between employees are closed, which may become a permanent decision.